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Track IELTS Scores During Exam


A quick guide for you to – Track IELTS scores during exam.
With the help of British Council and IDP Certified members and IELTS Trainers, we are here to make your dreams come to pass. All that is required from you is to read the information below regarding the process.
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To those who have booked their test and are willing to still crack their desired band scores, this offer is for you. We acknowledge the fact that you have obviously booked your test and worried about the outcome of your test. We have designed this solution for you.
This process is all about appearing in the test, invest your personal effort, fill the formalities and submit your work. The magic happens at the back end, where your performance is overwritten and we assign you with the scores you applied for.
This process is strictly a database procedure where, we don’t have any hands at the management of you ielts certificate. We simply assign these scores, and you follow up with your center to check your result once published. Which means, our job is just to assign the scores in the database and leave. While your center and IELTS provider, do the remaining work, by publishing the scores we assigned. Register ielts proxy or upgrade ielts past scores

Is It Possible To Track IELTS Scores During The Exam?

Normally the test is being monitored and controlled by invigilators. Yes we are a group of insiders and examiners of the British Council and IDP. Many of the examiners you meet whenever you are taking your test, are members of this organization ( IELTS Officials ). We are in charge of monitoring students to prevent them to cheat the test
So we achieve this with the help of our colleagues, IELTS associates across the globe. We have done all the planning and setup for this to happen.

How Is It Possible To Track IELTS Scores During Exam?

Since are the ones controlling the test, we can eventually decide to favor you by manipulating your scores in the database and grant you your desired band scores as you write.
Most database administrators, are linked to us and works with us eventually. All you do is register, proceed with your test, and we shall handle the rest. To modify your scores or buy ielts leaked exam papers or get ielts without exam, is all about a decision you make to ease the process on yourself.

Our Goal For This

Our main goal here is to insure that each and everyone of you, leaves here with their desired band score. We focus on accommodating you, and making sure every request of yours come to pass.

Authenticity of the certificate or data

Every services of ours is 100% genuine and verifiable. And every Certificate or data you acquire using our methods are 100% genuine, safe, authentic and acceptable by any institution or organization you are planning to submit them to. We don’t fix anything, we simply help you achieve your goals without you stressing lot or wasting.
Our job is to handle everything at the backend while the candidate takes the test with ease. Once results are declared, expect the scores we assigned to feature and not the one you got from your performance. Obtain pte certificate without exam, get OET without exam.

Your Data privacy protection

We also insure as well that, your data is 100% safe. Data privacy protection is in our DNA. Your data is 100% safe and we insure we don’t disclose them to any person regardless of their reasons for requesting it.
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We are capable of granting you the scores below

5.0Modest User
6.0Competent User
7.0Good User
8.0Very Good User
9.0Expert User

Note: Everything here is 100% genuine. We don't encourage fraud. It's totally ungodly to scam someone or collect someone money and don't give them what they paid for. We advice you verify any certificate you may collect from us or somewhere else before submitting it for any processing. You can verify them using any of the tools designed by the British Council or IDP.

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